Saturday, 20 July 2013

Interesting links

As Detroit goes bust, here's Virginia Postrel's argument that they should sell their art. Profoundly wrong and not well reasoned, but provocative and worth thinking about. She confuses an argument for sending art where it will be seen by most people with an argument for letting the market decide where art goes. Either argument is tenable, but she can't decide which she's making:

Leander buys a bear. Great blog post about buying art on a budget:

Bad decision by CofE (aren't they all?). Excellent common-sense demolition of convoluted reasoning by Church court:

I'm delighted that Hull has acquired this Lorenzetti, but scared that they've sent it to the National Gallery for cleaning:

Not an art story, but I loved this interview with Anthony Grafton. Now I want a stuffed crocodile:

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