Thursday, 11 December 2014

Assorted links

Jerry Saltz gives us the definitive guide to Art Basel. Do click through - this is inspired!

Best guide to the Elgin loan debate is the blog Elginism, which has doggedly pursued the BM on Twitter. To their credit, the BM has engaged in the debate. Elginism is for repatriation and I'm anti, but I still agree with much of its argument and find its coverage invaluable. I also liked this perceptive piece by Lee Rosenbaum. 

Two writers I particularly enjoy have written articles that play to my prejudices. I commend Julian Spalding on crass modern art and Roger Scruton on fakery in modern art.

Tiffany Jenkins on artistic censorship in Europe is a must-read. I don't much care for the art in question, but I care greatly about the principle - as we all should.

Laurence Summers wrote in the FT about infrastructure investment, and the need to fund maintenance as well as paying for fashionable grand projects that politicians love to associate with. I thought his points particularly relevant to museums pursuing endless expansions and building projects as the neglect running costs and fail to provide basic protection for their collections.

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