Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Frame Appeal

Venetian frame 1
Picture: The Frame Blog
I don't usually write about funding appeals because most receive plenty of publicity without my adding to it, and I know how often we're all asked for money. This one is especially worthy, but too small to catch the attention of the mass media. The National Gallery is seeking £27,000 for an antique frame for a Titian, shown above. You can give via this link, and read more about why it matters on The Frame Blog. It's a relatively small amount of money that will make a really positive difference - more bang for your buck than any other appeal I've seen!

Museums can spend tens of millions on new acquisitions and new buildings, but then struggle to find relatively small sums that make a huge difference to the way we see pictures. The National Gallery has quite rightly paid a lot of attention to framing. Its director has written a short book about frames, and there's an online feature about the reframing of its Leonardo (or mostly his studio) here. The frame they want to buy is a superb work of art in its own right, and it will set off the Titian (& studio) beautifully. 

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