Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New acquisitions at the Meadows


One of my favourite museums has just announced a bumper crop of six acquisitions, including a rare colour drawing by Valdes Léal (left) and a panel from a tabernacle by Alonso Cano (right). The Meadows is a museum of Spanish art with some spectacular pictures - outstanding Murillos, Velazquez's wonderful Sibyl and a great Goya alongside fine and unusual pictures by less well known artists. The overall quality is high and I was impressed by the less well-known works, although the condition is rather mixed. The Meadows website is disappointing - there's no comprehensive catalogue of the collection and the illustrations of the new acquisitions are poor. The newly acquired portraits by Miguel Jacinto Meléndez seem to be of more antiquarian than artistic interest. But great to see such an active acquisitions strategy. The Meadows is really one of the best places to appreciate Spanish art. It's a balanced and interesting collection on a small scale in a wonderful building. Worth a trip to Dallas, and you can take in the Kimbell too.


  1. It is the 21st century, after all, and has been so for quite some time. I therefore can't help but feel I should follow more than one blog - could you, the author of my very limited Internet reading list, possibly recommend a few ones in the line (and possibly style) of your own? Anything written by adults on the subjects you've listed as your 'passions' - as well as cultural property law and discourse - would really make my day(s). I did try to start up my own blog, I should say, but never found a system that allowed for use of the Oxford referencing system.
    Best regards and wishes,
    a Swedish fan

  2. Thanks for your question - yes, I've been meaning to provide some recommended links and I will put them together in a new post next week.
    Best wishes