Sunday, 10 March 2013

More bad wall text

Picture: Melbourne Art Network
Melbourne Art Network tweeted this absolute gem from Kelvingrove in Glasgow, a museum that takes dumbing down to new heights.
It was in response to another strident and brilliant editorial in the Burlington Magazine on the state of art writing.  It's frustrating that the Burlington is so expensive to access on-line - I got dirty looks from the staff at the National Gallery shop yesterday when I started to read a third article, propping myself up by the cash register - but the freely available editorials are always brilliant and always right. 


  1. Dear Grumpy,

    You should join the London Library, I promise it'll be the best £450-odd that you'll ever have spent. They take the Burlington (and much else besides) have an *amazing* library of art books, history, literature, bibliography, antiquarian subjects and so on - all of which you can take home to read at leisure (there are no 'return by...' dates, only you must return them if another member requests them). It is an amazing place, somehow I think you would completely fall in love with it. Or if not, come to rely on it utterly & for ever, which is kind of the same thing. At any rate, I did when I joined.

    best wishes


  2. Thanks Richard. I've talked about joining for years, but your comment has inspired me to check their periodicals list. It's amazing! I think you've finally convinced me to sign up. Civilized opening hours too - much easier than trying to get to the National Art Library once in a blue moon, excellent though it is.